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tv   [untitled]    January 7, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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jury system that i worked in previously. it was a learning experience for me and i really appreciate it and it was great. commissioner de jesus and i were great working as a team and one common trend we identified with officer involved shooting one thing that cuts across all races, creeds when dealing with mental health issues and substance abuse issues there is no race and it was again very informative and i want to thank you. >> i want to say that the commissioner was great. until i made the mistake of congratulating the raiders over the victory with the 49ers and he went ballistic so i won't do that in his presence again even if it's a historical fact. thank you very much. >> okay. any further reports? inspector, please call the next line item.
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>> line item 2d schedule announcements and items for consideration at future commission meetings. commission president to appoint commissioners to the following rotating assignments. action. firearm discharge review board. monitor compliance of requirements qawrkterly rotation. crisis intervention training. limited english proficiency smpses. early intervention services and quarterly rotation and safe streets for all working group. >> thank you inspector. this was mentioned at the end of last year. a number of assignments we have shared duties of and there are other assignments that involve some of the priorities of the commission that have been articulated previously. they're existing working groups. it's one of the ways that we do things differently in san francisco which is oftentimes it's officers and the police
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commission and members of the public working through issues together so i wanted to go through these particular ones and make sure what the assignments are and what folks interest is so i will give you my thoughts and then we can have a discussion and vote. for the firearms discharge board. it's quarterly rotation. most of us have been on the rotation so the next person up is commissioner de jesus and monitoring the conpliance of dgo8-10 requirements and the process of oversight where the commission reviews all of the procedures that have to be articulated with vis-a-vis first amendment issues and the next person up for this assignment is commissioner hwang. crisis intervention training. i think you can see there are a number of things that went right, a number of
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transitions around this training and program. one is a consistent commitment by a commissioner -- there's too many c's there. i apologize so i have been attending these meetings. i would like some help with that because obviously many of us have day jobs so think about who would like to share those duties. julius term an is jumping in. okay. i see staff from the occ is here. a lot of work with the training officers and deal with different victims has come out of the working group. it's an exciting group. the police department is participating. the community is participating. i know commissioner melara expressed interest and she isn't
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here and let me know for everyone else and the early vention and this is where we notify officers of a red flag and making decisions and getting into trouble so there is a rotation for that. that's going to be mazuko and the safe streets for working group is the bicycle and pedestrian group which i have been working on so i will continue working with them for safe streets for all. those things -- i propose that as assignments. does anybody have -- let's have some discussion about that. >> yeah, i think that works and if commissioner turman can't make the training i can fill in for you. >> wonderful. >> i am happy to fill in as well. >> because that's a monthly commitment. >> yes, absolutely. okay.
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that's helpful. any other discussion on that? so then i would just move that we make those assignments or invite a motion to make these assignments. >> i move that we accept the assignments. >> second. >> all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> opposed? that passes. inspector call the next line item. chief suhr. >> before we go to the next thing i would be remiss for the officers and work with young people and get something on the calendar for the next meeting and can be part of my report and we do so much more than a couple of hikes and things like that. the officers have been nothing short of heroic and i saw these guys walk in now and is cool but you're wearing sheriff's stars. you need police stars. >> he has a lot of them in
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the pock disblet we have a focus on have young people graduate from high school and all of the numbers of the justice system or someone that falls into the system and all of the numbers are from graduation of high school and not that college isn't for everybody and as many as possible but that's about successes and more lawyers and doctors on the panel right now but to that end we do a lot of summer employment and break employment so what a lot of people don't realize and since this is on tv tonight a lot of the summer jobs the city does for dpw, puc and park and rec which do most of the jobs they close in mid-february for the online applications so anybody that's watching and you're wondering if you're young person, high school age
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interested in summer employment go to the sfgov website and curve around and look at these departments and if something interests you now is the time to apply, and if you make your district captain or my office aware that you applied we will do what we can to get folks placed in those jobs and when the larger mayor's jobs program which last year was 7,000 jobs. hundreds of those were through the police department we will make sure we get as many kids -- especially the emphasis on the kids here in school here in san francisco. we need everybody to graduate from high school so i just want to make sure that got in there. >> thank you chief and we did miss the part of scheduling any additional items because i conflated those too so thank you. commissioners. >> when i heard the conversation about what the officers do and i am glad the
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chief will put it on the agenda and it's not just hike and (low audio) and basketball, football, baseball, all coached by police officers. it's our academy classes going into schools and the boys clubs and reading. it's officers from the district stations going clubs and reading and the chief going to talk to kids about staying in school and i should have brought this up and i was driving before christmas and saw the line at mission station for kids to see santa claus and get gifts and the line went down the block and see many of the spanish speaking officers speaking to the children in the native tongue and i listened to that and that's what our officers do. >> my only comment is i commend you for doing that. i
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am saddened that you have to do it over and over again because i have heard it before and my thought is maybe we can get actually something written out there and so forth and i will just say knowing for some people enough is never enough let's make a statement about what you officers are doing and let's just -- we know they will always want more but let's do it anyway. >> taken a page from omega we can always do better and we will meet with the young folks and come to an understanding on both sides. >> thank you. so inspector if we can put on the list -- i know we have meetings coming up for the redistricting and put on a future agenda for time to compile that and presentation on the youth activities conducted by sfpd to the commission. commissioner de jesus.
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>> chief, i want to say thank you. i grew up in san francisco and i never knew when to apply for the summer jobs and the idea that apply in february is an eye opener so i am wondering if could blast an email out to the youth commissioners and the groups and the boys club and let them know that applications -- if you want to work for the city in these jobs applications need to be in by february just to get the information. >> the captains do put it in the newsletters but i will make sure it's in there again and happy to send it to the youth commission. >> i thinking that we can target some of the youth groups that we know of. >> sure. >> that would be great. >> okay. thank you. inspector please call the next line item. >> also we need to announce the next meeting is next wednesday january 14 here at city hall at 530, and also the
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police commission will hold special meetings in locations other than city hall on the following days to hear public comment in regards to district station boundary analysis and the first one is january 28 at the tenderloin station at 6:00 p.m. on eddy street in the community room. the next one is february 11 at northern station, 6:00 p.m. at the northern station community room. 1125 fillmore street and february 25 at the southern station at 6:00 p.m. and at the hall of justice room on bryant street and the last one is march 4, 2015 in the bay view at 6:00 p.m. in the bay view station community room on williams street. that will take us to item 3 discussion and possible action to adopt a
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revised general order 8.08. bomb threats, clandestine laboratories destructive devices explosions and fire works and take any necessary action. >> we have a bomb tech here for the presentation. >> president, commissioners, chief suhr, director hicks, members of the audience. i am a member of the san francisco police department and for 33 years and many in special operations and transferring to the tactical unit and assign to the bomb security unit. i of course assigned to this unit for 15 years and the senior bomb technician on the squad. i am here to present to you all the revised version of the general order 808 and ask that the
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commission adopt this version of the policy. several changes in the penal code and california health and safety code sections require that the department change the policy which was last revised and reissued in 1994, 20 years ago. additionally the current version of department general order does not address procedures of protocols for members to follow when they encounter these items, all of which are more prevalent in the recent years. a committee under the direction of chief suhr, deputy chief oaks, and others has been working to revise this over the past year. i would like to thank the san francisco poa, the city attorneys, the attorney's office, office of citizen complaints for providing valuable feedback throughout the process. i would also like to
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thank sergeant rachel killshaw for her guidance and this couldn't be completed without her and i would like to thank members of the bomb squad for the work on this general order. commissioners you have before you the red line version of the document outlining the changes from 1994 version of general order 808. a synopsis of the changes include destinations, cla destine laboratories and updating protocol negligence the procedure section,. >> >> new section on fire works and on barrel bombs. there is a training plan in place. i have been teaching classes up at the academy held every week for the last five years. many of the items that you see in the revised general order i have talked about and lectured about
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and told them they could see this coming in the future because of the changes. however, they were not act upon them until it's ratified by the commission but they're educated on this. we further train all recruits prior to them coming out to the streets. we have a four hour block we teach in regards to bomb response and general order 808 and hazardous materials. that will material. at this time i would like to ask the commission if they have any questions regarding this document? >> commissioner de jesus. >> i hope you say it's extensive and it is and what prompted this and you answer 2-d and there is changes in the code and that's good to know. i assume we're complying with best practices regarding explosives and firearms and i see the new definitions and it's pretty thorough and commissioner wan
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and i noticed you have the exempt fire works here and religious ceremonies and other ceremonies there is a exemption and permit process and the question is is that new or if it's not new has it been revised and how you go about getting permits? >> i can't speak to the permit process. from what i know it's been in place for years. >> okay. >> i can't speak for the city and the permits issue, but i do know it hasn't changed and people have been taking permits out for these events such as stuff on the bay, chinese new year and that sort. >> and we work closely with the fire department to make sure that the safety controls are in place and it's in a controlled environment. >> so that's all i have at this time. thank you. as i said it's pretty elaborate. >> anyone else? any other
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questions? do i have a motion? i need to have public comment first. thank you for your presentation. we don't have any other questions at this time. we will have public comment and then i will entertain a motion. any public comment on this item? >> i want to start with i think you stepped over section two per public comment but regarding this issue i am wondering is there going to be anything considered -- there is something going on with hemp oil and there was a couple of explosions, maybe in other counties. they're trying to compress -- my guess they're trying to compress hemp oil to use the vapor things and they exploded and i am also
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wondering about meth labs. where does it fit into this category? because i believe that it becomes a biohazard where may have to tear the building down or excessive remodeling to get all of the toxins out of it and the other section, section two, i was going to ask with the mental health issues and i am wondering if you have spoke with the mobile crisis team? i am wondering if you have done work with the sf hot team? i am totally out of the loop of the process. maybe i can get on the list serve. >> thank you. thank you sir. >> in reading this -- where did he go? in reading this i noticed that the bariel bombs
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and fire crackers are in here and barrel bombs which is good. they're really powerful, but -- is this part of the penal code when it says equal all explosions are considered -- is that part of it. >> that's correct. barrel bombs are part of that. we can asking the officers don't take anything for granted. just because a pg&e transformer caused damage that's it's not mechanical failure. we want them to treat it as a crime until we know otherwise and we help with that. >> so that includes barrel bombs and fire crackers and anything that blows up? >> anything that is a significant explosion correct. >> yes. clandestine laboratories would be the meth labs and or hemp oil
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compression stations. >> that's correct. >> okay. any other further public comment? hearing none and chief you mentioned there's obviously every new departmental order and training and a training plan and i imagine training with the fire department and first responders and departures and how we operate i imagine. >> i think the officer is the first to tell you when there is a question it's all about the bomb squad before the fire department goes in and they stay in reserve just in case. >> this is so thorough when in june -- do we have psa announcements and let the community know? we're different from other communities with fire works in general and these -- probably not new regulations, probably regular regulations but to tell the public what it
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really means. >> the things that are spoken about being illegal have been illegal since i have been comming my hair commissioner. >> >> yeah in san francisco but not the surrounding communities and maybe a psa for the theirs that allow that. >> >> okay. any other questions or thoughts? okay. i do have a motion to approve departmental general order 808 as drafted? >> (inaudible). >> do i have a second? >> second. >> do we need a roll call? >> [inaudible] >> let's find out. all in favor say aye? looks unanimous to me. thank you for all of your work. clearly this was a tremendous amount of work and keeping us updated from 19fob to
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are 1994 to now and it's cottified and you do the great work. >> may you and your team remain safe. >> [inaudible] >> you need to speak into the mic. >> when you see him on tv he's usually in a big suit. >> inspector please call the next line item. >> line item four, public comment on all matters pertaining to item 6 below, closed session between public comment on vote whether to hold item 6 in closed session. >> ladies and gentlemen we're going to go into closed session to deal with items that are confidential. any public comment that we're going into closed session? hearing none public comment is now closed. inspector call the next item. >> next item vote whether to have a closed session based on municipal code. action. >> do i have a motion?
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>> so moved. >> second? >> second. >> all those in favor? motion passes. inspector please call the next session. >> we're going into closed session. >> thank you everyone. (closed session).
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